I’m here in Colorado Springs visiting a couple who I highly adore. In the decade that i’ve known them, they’ve stirred up a constant ” I want a love like that” feeling within me. At 60 years old, Jeff and Joanne still hold hands, travel together and call each other ‘babe’, something I couldn’t get from a boyfriend of two years in this day and age. I always wondered how they’d met, hoping their story would prove a possibility for my future. Sitting at dinner one day, I inquisitively asked them how it was they fell in love. Their story makes me just a little more OK with how I’m going about my search. 23 years ago they both joined a company called “Great Expectations” a match making service in the early 90’s. The couple I have been in awe of all these years, found each other through what I like to think of online dating, before there was an online.

“They took my picture, asked me my interests and background checked me throughly. I was placed in a binder that would be published to men in my area. If a gentleman found me suitable for a date he would tear my profile page out of the binder and hand it to the receptionist who would then send a postcard to my match notifying them that I was interested. That match would then drive the postcard to the company headquarters to get more information on me released only if there was a mutual interest. From there it was history.” No shit. It was the Tinder of 1990. My role models met through a match maker! All that bullshit “you’ll meet the love of your life in the produce section of your local grocery store” was stuffed further into the back of my not-gonna-happen theories.

It’s insane to me how many success stories I hear from online dating, match making, ect. And still, how many negative stigmas are attached to the concept. It’s almost taboo to admit that your’e looking for a partner through your phone and not by dumb luck, chance or fate. To be honest, I find the probability of finding what you’re looking for by weeding out what you want and don’t want to be the fastest way to get from point-single to point-relationship.

While I realize most things happen when you ‘least expect it’, with some (great) expectations it’s also a possibility to find the person of your dreams. When I see a relationship as perfect as Jeff and Joanne’s I realize that it’s not how you go about finding him or her, but that you give every opportunity and avenue a chance along the way.

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