I grew up with an ear for soul-crushing chords and an aching for well written lyrics. Music is my kryptonite. Between my father and my sister, I’ve heard every artist from billboard charts to backyard one hit wonders. There’s a collection of CD’s by one artist that track-to-track chill me to my bones.

I’m in love with Ed Sheeran. It’s weird, I know. He looks like if Ron Weasley got drunk and did karaoke. To be quite honest though, everything he touches is pure gold. I’m not just talking the bullshit love re mixes with T-swift that KROQ play every thirteen minutes. I’m talking the raw and emotional underground live sessions in London, or the EP with him freestyle rapping like the ginger god he is. He tells stories, long ones…with impeccable notes and endless guitar rifts. I hear his voice and I feel his pain. He doesn’t censor his hurt; cussing if it needs it. He doesn’t censor his love; intimately diving into inappropriate memories.

I knew I liked him and then I found out he was an Aquarius, which made me love him.  There is something about us water-bearer’s that makes expression so seamless. It’s like he speaks directly to my soul. I’ve got four years on him and it still feels like he’s lived a thousand more lives than me. I can’t explain it, you just have to hear it…feel it. 

(In order of absolute love and appreciation for his music, including both acoustic and rap):


Give Me Love

You Need Me Man, I Don’t Need You

I See Fire


Afire Love

Tenerife Sea


Sheeran’s music is my guiltiest of pleasures. Right next to eating cereal with vanilla ice cream (cause it’s just milk that’s frozen, mmmk) I feel like that mother who’s baby is trapped underneath her burning van when I listen to him; powerful and fearless. If ever a bad day finds you, I suggest you find Ed. He will be there with his sultry solos to make you feel like not all is lost. 


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