Taking one for the Blog

Currently, I’m without Internet. Talk about feeling naked.  My lunch breaks consist of me sifting through a slew of neighbors wifi connections trying “password” as the password til I’m blue in the face. The world’s caught on to us cyber-band wagoners and ain’t nuthin in life worth having, ever free anymore. 

So I’m writing this post via phone, basically one giant long text message of epic proportions raping my data usage into oblivion. Risking a serious case of carpal tunnel just to get an article up, I’m happy to have logged back in after a few weeks. This is what I like to call taking one for the blog. 

So, I made it to Colorado. I had a plan, and if you know me you know I waste most of my time planning how to not plan the next time I feel like planning. Clusterfuckery, really. Plan Kamakaze as I like to call it fell apart quicker than a flourless cake. Plus side is I’m now the proud renter of my very own apartment and I have 800 square feet of room for activities. Anybody wanna do karate in my garage? 

Plan A is so 1994. Plan B is where it’s at (ask your whore friends) that’s why when things fell apart I was happy to embrace however they wanted to fall back together. Although I tapped into my savings harder than a highway collision, being broke isn’t as sad when you have total independence. I’m ok with eating top ramen, just so long as I’m doing it from my bistro set on my very own balcony. 

I have a ton of articles in my arsenal ready to edit upon dusting off my laptop. Bare with me as I adjust to Colorado life and share with you some of the most epic stories to date. As always, thanks for reading 🙏🏼 


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