Dating is like the I-25 on a Monday morning. Just a bunch of traffic jams, accidents and jaded men and women trying to get somewhere by weaving in and out of other idiots just as upset that it’s taking this long. It takes an hour to go 10 miles, and what feels like a lifetime to hit the love jackpot. 

Six white Subaru’s deep of 20-somethings cussing at each other about blinker deficits while the dude on a crotch rocket swipes by the red F150 with a middle finger. Sounds about right. A line of cars; of people, incapable of appreciating the journey because they are so concerned with the destination. All of us, wondering where our exit is.

Then there’s the girl in the black Corolla, windows down, Spotify up, who left early because she knew it was gonna take two hours to go fourteen miles. She’s fired up on a warm espresso made by her favorite barista while she talks into her iPhone about the world’s chaos and her never-ending love for it. Because as much as it chills her to her bones to keep up this routine, she knows it’s not in vain. That at the end of this traffic jam, is a job, or a purpose, or a man. 

That’s the girl I strive to be

Dating is traffic, but without it my roads are empty. I’d rather have way too much than nothing at all. And I thank my lucky stars everyday that I even have this many choices. If all I had was a coin to flip, I’d probably be stuck with an unsettling decision between two losers I’d be divorced to in a decade. Not my idea of a future. I’d rather sit in a traffic jam, make a shit ton of mistakes, and end up exactly where I need to be. 

The good news is life’s gridlock always opens up. And it’s usually when you least expect it. You know, after you pass the tire that every fucking person was slowing down for to look at on the side of the freeway? Like magic, you’re there. Lot’s of tension, irritation and negativity all for nothing, because you’re ten minutes early for work. That’s how I foresee the moment I meet him will feel. Like I waited a really long time in a line of cars that wouldn’t budge just to pull into a place I thought I’d never get to. Next time you’re in the world’s worst freeway stand still, remember that you’re all in it together–nobody is getting out any faster than the person behind them. Perfect patience, utilize moments and get there when you get there. Same goes, for love.

2 thoughts on “Traffic 

  1. When you’re a young woman, choice men are plentiful. But as you get older the once bumper-to-bumper traffic will become a two lane street on a surface road only traveled by tourists.


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