There used to be this show on Fox when I was young that my pre-teen self was embarrassingly addicted to. It was a dramatic reality TV show, before dramatic reality TV shows were cool, that sent boyfriends and girlfriends to a romantic island to quiz the strengths of their relationships. Producers provided the couples with human temptations that would essentially break them up and cause them to want the ‘forbidden fruits’ that their otherwise monogamous relationship wouldn’t previously allow. The mini series was called “Temptation Island”, unbeknownst to 2001; being the pilot to all that is 2017.

Temptation island is just code for the world we live in. Why it was such a flop, is beyond me. People love watching relationships nose dive with the additive of a well oiled bikini body. This show legit only got one season before it was pulled. But I never forgot the effects of its purpose on my psyche. The most important part of a relationship for me at that time, was being hopelessly in tune with your desire for your partner despite everything else the world offers around you. Not. I was thirteen. I just wanted to know when Offspring was touring. But, as I grew older I realized that the world is always offering you something more than what you have. Sometimes it even feels like someone has opened your diary and created your ultimate fantasy of a person and then tries to hand deliver them to your hotel room door AFTER you’ve committed to someone else for life. #coincidence

Commitment is usually temptation’s kryptonite. It job is to not allow temptation to breathe, to transpire, to manifest. But, sometimes it’s not enough. So, does succumbing to any form of temptation separate the sinners from the saints? Somewhat. Temptations are short term urges that typically dismantle long term goals. One leads to two and two can provide comfort for three, and the list grows. Relationships don’t ever have room for testing temptation’s waters. But, of course, our generation is full of it. The incessant need for validation through social media will forever be ‘that guy/girl you’re worried about’. There’s no face to a name, it’s just a constant F.O.M.O that lingers forever.

It’s a female-charged-user-name with a double-heart-eyes-emoji comment under his ig post. 

They’re probably fucking. 

I’m probably not wrong. She was probably more tempting than he was committed. And that’s how relationships find their demise. Staying away from temptation feels less of a choice and more like luck these days. Because, wherever there’s happiness there is someone who wants to test your happiness’ strength. Like a god damn Fox TV producer.


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